S.T.E.L.E. - 3.30.11 0910

What are you gonna be known for?

What legacy will you leave behind? What ripples through time will you cause? What future events will you influence through your actions?

What will you be remembered for?

A stele is a real thing, I didn't make it up I promise. It's a pillar that is stood upright and has inscriptions and stuff on it, meant to serve as a monument.

It's also the central cylinder in "higher" plants. It's ok if you want to forget that, I'm focused on the other definition.

When I started listing qualities a few years ago that I wanted people to associate with me, I wanted to also turn them into some sort of acronym that I could remember. I could have made "steel" also, but how lame would that have been. Everyone does that. Then I remembered this word (apparently from my days as an archeologist), and I was hooked.

A monument. A reminder.

Someone others could look at and be forced to recall something.

I want my life to be a stele for God to use. When my life crosses paths with other people's, I want them to look at me and be reminded of Christ. I want my life to point towards the relationship someone can have with the Father.

But above all those things, all those qualities, there's something else I hope God will eventually be able to use me for.


That grizzled old man image comes to mind and I don't want to get there to fast, but I do want Christ to be able to use me to help his people stay on the path or navigate life's treacherous waters. I want him to have confidence in me, that when advice is given it's coming from him, not me. I think it takes a lot to finally get to that point. A lot of hard work, discipline, life experience and troubling times. Honestly, it's a bit of a scary thought, but it's a path I've asked for and am committed to.

You might say it's my heart's desire.

To stand before God, a hundredfold talents in hand, and have him say, "Well done my good and faithful servant," drives me forward, guides my decisions, and keeps me praying. Scripture is pretty clear that wisdom only comes from God and I'm not expecting a Solomon, wish granting moment anytime soon, so what I do instead is pray. Pray that one day he will see me worthy enough.

Upright enough. Strong enough. Solid enough.

To be a monument. To be a rememberance.

To be a stele for his name.

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